Gravity’s Primal Protocol

We are taking you back to the basics with our Primal Protocol Challenge. Here’s why… The information overload on healthy lifestyle, fitness and fatloss  is confusing and we need to make it simple so you can succeed!

In order to provide an authentic perspective of  what a basic healthy lifestyle should look like we took a critical look at the lives and times of our primal ancestors and here is summary of our discoveries:

  1. They did not always have food at hand and had to work half the day or more hunting, picking and farming before they could eat.
  2. They ate all kinds of meat, seafood and eggs as well as leafy greens and some fruit.
  3. They depended on water to sustain them especially between meals.
  4. They walked long distances to hunt or find food and often ran in short bursts from a predator or to hunt game.
  5. They did a lot of heavy lifting in order to build, farm and carry their game.
  6. They moved swiftly because they performed a variety of movements to be successful at fighting, farming, hunting and perform traditional dances.
  7. They did not have the very fast paced lives we do today and could rest and sleep adequately.

The above serves as a highlight of  the basic primal lifestyle. A look at the physique of humans in those times reveals that their lifestyle kept them limber and in amazing physical condition in contrast with humans in today’s generation.   Its interesting to note that the human remains of early farmers show more health problems, and somewhat shorter lives, than amongst hunter-gatherers. This indicates that the change in their diet may have affected their health negatively. Some scholars argued that the coming of farming was a step back for humankind. However, without this step, though, no further advances would have been possible. It was the transition from hunter-gathering to farming, described as the “revolution”, that constituted the crucial breakthrough which made possible all later human advances. During its course every aspect of peoples’ lives was transformed, which bring us to today; the fast food, sedentary generation.

Now the question is how can this generation emulate the lives of our primal ancestors in order to get into similar or better physical condition?

The guideline below draws on the basic primal lifestyle of our ancestors to provide key guidelines on how we can achieve this.

Gravity’s Primal Protocol Guideline:

  1. Practice Intermittent fasting.
  2. Eat eggs, leafy greens, berries, all kinds of meats and seafood.
  3. Drink a minimum of 3-4 litres of water.
  4. Walk at least 10km  daily and perform burst-sprint training exercises 3 times a week.
  5. Engage in heavy lifting
  6. Engage in movement training like Ido Portal Method, Capoeira, Animal flow, Primal Movement and Dance.
  7. Sleep 7-8 hours at night.

The Gravity Primal Protocol is the way to go! Various aspects of the above Primal Protocol Guideline have been validated through the works of Dr. Loren Cordain, who is the world’s foremost authority on the evolutionary basis of diet and disease, in his popular book The Paleo Diet, as well as  Dr. Mercola in his Fat for Fuel Method, Mark sisson in Primal Blueprint  and Brad Pilon in his Eat Stop Eat  Method. These works serve as an assurance that each fundamental principle in our Primal Protocol Guideline is effective for fat loss and a plethora of  other health issues. Indeed this means getting the best of the best!

Now your challenge is to follow Gravity’s Primal Protocol for a minimum of 30 days! 

Here are the rules to join the challenge:

  • Take a picture, measure and weigh yourself.
  • Send your statistics and pictures to us on Instagram @gravitylifestyle with a private message saying “I am primal!”, like the challenge here  and comment with #iamprimal.
  • Follow the the rules of the Primal Protocol for a minimum of 30days.
  • Have fun and stay accountable  by tagging us on  your workouts, meals and other related instagram posts while using #gravitylifestyle #primalprotocol #iamprimal
  • At the end of the challenge take another picture, measure and weigh yourself.
  • Send a private message to us on instagram with your before and after pictures plus statistics.

Summer is almost here so take up the challenge to get an enviable summer body! If you need help getting started with this challenge or need help with your menu and/or your training regimen kindly subscribe to Gravity VirtualFitness Plus. We hope you find this experience as life changing as it has been for us!


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