Take Back Control

Maybe your life seems chaotic and you can’t seem to find time for you. Maybe everyone around you is indulging and your restraint is hanging by its last thread. Maybe you’re pulling your hair out as you stare at your friends and family slurp away on ice-cream and it makes you want to drop-kick anyone and everyone because you are so blasted tired and annoyed that you’ve not made as much progress as you’d like. When everything gets away from us and we end up saying “yes”  to the wrong things when we should give a solid “no,” or when we let life’s struggles get the best of us, it’s time to take back control. You can do this by drawing strength from within and without; within would be through your best choice of meditation  and without would be through a support system . 

Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of what meditation and support system mean:

  1. Meditation is an attempt to empty the mind of the wrong things in order to fill it with what’s right and true. You can do this by reading inspirational words, prayer or just by being silent. While being silent is good, it’s important to simultaneously visualise where you hope to be and make positive self-affirmations.  The real key to being successful at anything is to begin telling yourself that you are what you hope to be. Start your morning by meditating over your day. 
  2. A support system is a forum for accountability that affords an environment where we can share in a symbiotic relationship, where we are honest with our struggles and where we shed light on our feelings, experiences as well as our achievements or the lack of it. Its also means  we are being checked, supported and validated. Its important to have a place where you can receiving guidance, cultivate healthy friendships and get all the tools required to meet set goals. You are always welcome to join Gravity to get all the support you need!

It’s time to take back control! When we are in control we have power over anything and everything life throws at us. We have the power to choose and the power to become. Let’s refuse to be defeated but rather draw strength from within and without remembering at all times that we are not alone on this journey. Let’s fight to attain a healthy body!

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