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Gravity designs fitness programs and accessories to ensure a “live fit” lifestyle. Our mission is to empower everyone to lead an active lifestyle and to transform every fitness goal to reality. Join us within the Circles of Gravity to lead a healthier lifestyle anywhere you are!



Virtualfitness is a fitness and lifestyle system provided by Gravity .

It’s unique because it brings you support regardless of time, space or circumstances. We are able to help people reach their goals whenever and wherever through our online portal, app and other media.

Gravity provides support through different subscription plans. This way you can decide how much support you need to enable you reach you goal.

Here’s a highlight the plans:

1. Virtualfitness basic is a monthly plan for personalized meal support only. You get a generic workout support  on the group. It includes  1 meal plan , 1 sample menu , 1 weekly one -on-one check-in and mandatory group support.

2.Virtualfitness Pro is a monthly plan for personalized targeted body shaping workouts for tummy, arms, thighs and other problem zones. It includes 1 meal plan, 1 Sample menu , group support, limited access to virtualfitness online portal, limited 3D workouts, 2 weekly one-on-one  check-in, optional group support.

3. Virtualfitness Pro+ is a monthly plan for personalized meal and targeted body shaping workouts. It includes 2 meal plans, 4 personalized menus, personalized video recommendations, access to the app and portal support, 4 standard 3D scheduled workouts ,  customized video recommendations, supplements advice, daily one-on-one check-in, optional group support.

4. Virtualfitness PRO-X is a monthly plan for unlimited personalized all round support and targeted body shaping workouts. It includes unlimited meal plans, unlimited personalized menus with specific attention to health challenges ( e.g high BP, Diabetes, other physical challenges), unlimited customized video recommendations, unlimited access to the app and portal support, supplement advice, unlimited personalized 3D scheduled workouts ,  customized video recommendations, optional group support, exclusive daily one-on-one-support including scheduled real-time consultations.

Those who have reached their goal are placed on a monthly maintenance plan until they feel confident enough to live the gravitylifestyle without support.

There are loads of testimonials and results from many happy clients.

If you want to get your best body ever, just subscribe!

Free level allowing limited access to most of our content.
Virtual Fitness Basic
Here’s what you get:
  • Flexible menus
  • Accountability and follow up
  • Nutrition guide
  • workout guidance
  • Access to our exclusive community
  • Access to our App
Virtual Fitness Pro

Premium Content!

It includes all the features of the basic plan as well as personalized and targeted plans. Weekly 1-on-1 calls available.
Virtual Fitness Pro+
Get all the features of the Basic and Pro plans PLUS more! You get free video support, ebooks, daily 1-on-1 checkins and more!

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