Curb Alcohol Cravings Easily

When alcohol cravings come its very difficult to fight back. You struggle knowing that if you fall for it you’ld seriously set yourself back. We’ve devised two quick interventions to help you through those trying moments when you’ve just gotta to have some wine!

1. Faux White Wine:

To make this, put 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) in a wine glass, add ice and water to taste. The tangy nature  of ACV and the ice gives a wine-like flavour plus the wine glass tricks your mind into feeling its alcohol! For a champagne feel use sparkling water instead.



2. Faux Red Wine:

To make this, brew some hibiscus flower tea. Let it cool. Place in a wine glass and add a dash of ACV to it. This is super satisfying without kicking you off your regimen…the wine glass certainly helps too!



Try these and lets know how it works!


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