Be accountable

As humans we are error prone, easily enticed and capable of cooking up crazy excuses for our actions. In order to achieve targeted goals, we often need  a strategy to keep us on track and hold us accountable when we are tempted to err. Sometimes, we may only need to tell someone but at other times we need a good system of accountability. We need a system that checks us and prevents us from digressing or ending up in the same unprogressive cycle.

A good system of accountability means sharing in a symbiotic relationship where we are honest with our struggles and we shed light on our feelings, experiences as well as our achievements or the lack thereof.  Its also means  we are being checked, supported and validated even as we share our tricks and tips or what trips us up. It includes cheering each other up, receiving guidance, fostering connections as well as committing and recommitting to the pursuit of our goals.

On your journey towards any goal, even your journey to a healthy body, do not isolate yourself in your frustration. You are not alone. Join a system that supports you and keeps you accountable.  It is only in your accountability, vulnerability and belonging that you’ll acquire the tools to achieve your goal.


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