How To Dress For Weight Loss

We’ve  heard it very often… I’m losing weight but I don’t have anything to wear!” When you feel like that the solution is not to run off and buy new clothes, certainly not. You must first access your body and weight loss goals before venturing on a shopping spree.

If you find that you have not reached your goals its smart to accessorise to disguise the ill-fitted clothing. Where it is impossible to amend your clothing, opt for a belt or a scarf. These trendy items give you a little more time to reach your goal before you shop.

The Olsen twins do a good job of making baggy clothing look good. Fortunately, our homegrown Nigerian designers Gozel Green, who are also a set of twins, do an awesome job too! So whenever you need a swanky style that wont limit you to size, time or trend visit and shop their new epic designs.

Gravity loves Gozel Green.

Be inspired…go!

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    1. The best way to lose fat is cardio. Cardio is the short for cardiovascular exercise. It can come in various forms such as running, brisk walking or even dancing. Please see our earlier post here for more info. Be inspired…go!

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