How can I lose weight all over my body quickly?

A friend of Gravity recently asked this question and we believe it’s one which many of us also want answered…

So here it goes!

In order to lose weight we must start a workout regimen that includes cardio exercise and go on a sustainable diet plan. When you need to lose weight quickly, exercise alone will not get you there as soon as you would like. However, fused with an effective  and sustainable diet plan you should see significant results within 2weeks of exercising.

If you have to attend a party in 2 weeks and you need to lose some weight before the event an easy portable exercise will be to complete a 10-20 minute HIIT ( Hight Intensity Interval Training) exercise then finish it off with a 20 minutes steady paced jog and a good stretch session using techniques from Pilates or Yoga. We have a sample HIIT exercise here or you can make one up on your own. For quicker results aim to do this  program twice a day ( Morning and evening)

Next, you must fuel your body with healthy low calorie meals. We recommend filling up on fish or seafood and vegetables. If you are averse to fish, then any low fat protein food can be  used as a substitute. Protein is the building block for our muscles, which burn fat, and vegetables a full of vitamins and nutrients as well as fibre that keeps us full and is great for your digestive system. You must stay away  from processed food and drinks as well as sugary fruits and you must drink lots of water. Water helps the body metabolise fat.

Finally, you must stay active and busy. Try to stand frequently and ambulate. A good trick is to pace while talking on the phone or when on social media. Keeping active increases your calorie expenditure significantly because you are maximising  your NEAT time ( None Exercise Activity Thermogenic’s). In addition your less likely to be found lurking in the kitchen or opening the fridge if you are busy. So find something fun and active to do!

If you keep this up 6 times a week for two weeks you will definitely lose weight allover your body quickly. Another good option will be to go on our 2 weeks Lifestyle Detox or if you are ready for a complete lifestyle change, start with our Lifestyle Detox and follow up with the advice in this article for  effective results all around.

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