5 Steps To A Tiny Waist

The foundation of any body shaping goal is a healthy diet.  If you want a tiny waist this wont be any different. However, in addition to a healthy diet you must add in some sculpting exercises to enhance your figure.

Below are our 5 steps to your tiny waist but keep in mind that because we all have unique body structures our results will vary.

  1. Maintain a diet that is primarily based on fresh vegetables , lean meat and fish, or other protein sources. Limit grains, simple carbs and gluten as these tend to cause bloating.
  2. Create a calorie deficit by eating 500 calories less and burning 500calories per day through cardiovascular exercise. 
  3. Move more! Do not negate the effect of your exercise by sitting all day. Find every excuse to move! Hit 12000 steps …yes …12000 steps and get our Smart Bracelet to track your progress.
  4. Wear a corset or waist trainer. These help to reduce waist size over time. Try our corsets here .
  5. Sculpt your body and boost your metabolism through strength training. Add the workout below to your routine to help you get that ‘snatched’ waistline.


Now you have the info go ahead and try it! We would love to hear back from you…Please send in your comments and results.


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