TIP OF THE WEEK- Find Your Magic Number!

When we decide to lose weight, we have a number in our heads that we feel is best for us. Sometimes we are right but other times we are sooooo wrong because the weight on the scale doesn’t always translate proportionally to our physical ¬†appearance or dress size. You’ll find that some of us get to the desired size way before the projected number shows up on the scale while others may experience the opposite. Whatever your discovery is its better to choose your physical appearance over the number on the scale.

It’s ok to change your goal! If you are beginning to look gaunt or starting to develop fine lines and wrinkles but your goal weight is still far off then it time to review your goal. Conversely, if you’ve reached your goal weight but you find that you still look bulgy and jiggly then it time to ¬†tone up those muscles or perhaps change your goal weight.


The bottom-line is we all have a magic number where we look healthy, youthful and slender … find it!


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