Take Up a Challenge!

We are creatures of habit and there’s always a tendency to stick to what we know and stay in our comfort zone. In many circumstances that may be encouraged but when it comes to fitness change is good especially when we are trying to achieve or maintain a healthy body.

If sustained result is our goal then change should be an integral part of our workout regimen . Our results can only be well sustained if we follow a multi-faceted fitness regimen or utilize the progressive overload technique. These training methods challenge the body in a different way  and force it out of its comfort zone.

Now, to begin your own change try targeting your goal by implementing workouts from different fitness training types. So if you’re trying to tone your legs you can do some cardio and strength but dont forget to target those legs through Dance, Pilates, Kickboxing, Barre or Yoga! Furthermore, you can gradually increase the volume, intensity, frequency or time spent on any targeted workout. For example, if you’ve been running a 5k in 45 minutes try to push to complete it in 30 minutes or replace running with 30 minutes of  swimming, jumping jacks or other forms of cardio. You can even choose to mix in some strength training intervals into your cardio for an amazing metabolic burst workout,  throw in some static strength-training or  increase the weight used and/or the repetitions performed during your regular strength training routine.

The introduction of these new elements  to your workout regimen will challenge your body in a whole new way, break through plateaus, and bring about rapid results as well as sustained progress. So don’t stay in a fitness rot or shy away from a challenge. Challenge means change… Take up a challenge!


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