Are Weight Fluctuations Normal?


Yes, most weight fluctuations are normal so don’t be discouraged!

Our body weight can fluctuate substantially by up to 3-5lbs in one day and may even be more if you eat carbs or salty food/snacks. If you notice a dramatic increase on the scale, chances are it’s just water weight. To keep yourself from going insane please take these into consideration these factors. An effective tip for using the scale is to hold onto a weekly  weigh-in schedule where you weigh yourself at the same time, the same place and under the same conditions; preferably in the morning after a bowel movement.

The basic scale is a fair indicator of weight loss progress( not fat loss progress)  and a poor indictor of our body composition or actual size! What moves the needle is your hydration level, exercise, bathroom habits, hormones and exactly what you’ve had to eat that day. So, don’t obsess over the number you see on the scale… Just keep doing the right thing everyday by eating less and moving more to get consistent weekly results. In addition to these try adding HIIT exercises to you workout regimen for a quick effective burn and faster results!


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